London, UK – FRIENDSFEST Edition

London is one of the cities in Europe I probably visit 2-4 times a year. It’s been like that, since I can remember. I’ve got family there, so it’s always great to catch up with them. Since I will get the chance to film different sites of London, I decided to shoot shorter videos and just focus on one event, while I’m there.

In this video, the FRIENDSFEST EDITION, my cousin and I got tickets for the FRIENDSFEST. We got to see original memorabilia from the show, precise recreation of the apartments sets with the orignal tv show equipments. So everyone who’s a big fan of the 90’s tv show FRIENDS, should check it out. I heard they’re back next June/July in the UK. Watch the FRIENDSFEST Video right here!

Thanks for watching!!

Here are some shots I did during my visit.





Processed with VSCO with bbma preset

Processed with VSCO with bbma preset


Processed with VSCO with bbma preset



 Watch the full video! – London, UK – FRIENDSFEST Edition

Screenshot 2018-04-22_21-53-57

Video has been shot with:

Gopro Hero 5
Canon 70d

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