A 10h layover in Athens, Greece. At the airport we met this lovely, nice greek lady who was a Athens travel guide for over 20 years and just started her own cab company. We asked her if she could bring us to some memorable sightseeing spots, so she came up with the idea to be our personal tour guide and drive us to all the sightseeing spots in 4h, for only 60 Euros (for my mom and me together). Back then I was still in recovery, I was still using walking sticks so I was a little reserved walking up to the Parthenon but she made it happen! She arranged, for free, that we could use the emergency elevator to the Parthenon. And if I say “emergency elevator” I mean, “emergency elevator”. You can see it in the video Athens, Greece VLOG, it is an outside/building site elevator. Only allowed to operate with a supervised, trained person. Usually you need to walk all the way from the Acropolis, so we saved like a 30-40 Min. hike. Our tour ended in Plaka and we still had some time left to get some souvenirs and grab something to eat in one of the sidewalk cafes.

A memorable layover in Athens.

Processed with VSCO with j3 preset              Screenshot_20180412-222809-2

Watch The Full Athens Video:  Athens, Greece VLOG

Screenshot 2018-04-12_22-54-19



Video has been shot with:

Gopro Hero 5
Canon 70d
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○●S O C I A L M E D I A○●




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